Recording 60s music

When recording radio shows on audacity from Spotify I find that songs from a certain time ( it seems to be the early days of stereo only) do not fully playback e.g. California Dreaming Mama and Papas there are no harmony backing vocals at all when played back. It’s really hit and miss as to what works from that era

Any solutions or ideas that will solve this?

Could be you’re only recording one channel ,
(which is identically duplicated on the other track).

Or you’re recording both channels,
and somehow managing to invert one of them.

Or the record was released in mono & stereo versions … 3m42s

How are you doing that? With a digital capture you should be able to record exactly what you are hearing.

Are you playing-back on your computer (in stereo) or on your phone speaker (in mono)?

…“Stereo related problems” are more common when digitizing vinyl or other analog-to-digital conversion.

I think it may get be a windows issue and signal enhancements - I’m going to try that when back in studio

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