Recording 3 sources at once?

hi all, sorry to be a pain but is it possible to record 3 audio sources at once in audacity? im a new youtuber and iv played around with every program around and decided to stick with nvidia shadowplay as it runs so good recording 60 fps, but it will put my voice and gamesound into 1 track, id like to have it so

audacity version 2.0.6 / windows 7

audio source 1 : game sound (no skype,teamspeak,raidcall etc)
audio source 2 : my external blue spark digital usb mic for commentary
audio source 3 : communication track only (ts, raidcall, skype etc)

i have virtual audio cable ready but id have no clue how to do this in audacity, im new to all this and have no clue what im doing so i need experts :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for reading i really appreciate it , also happy new year!

VB-Audio Software comes with its own recorder. You don’t need Audacity at all for that. Maybe post production.

Once you mix multiple channels of sound down to one stereo or mono, you can’t split them up again, so paying close attention and wearing headphones is a good idea.

Games and Skype both tend to “take over” the computer and getting them both running at once is a challenge.

Recording Skype can be done in Pamela.
Business and Professional tend to be the hero packages. The other two are intentionally crippled.

There are other free Skype recorders:

Pass by software that insists on producing an MP3 sound file with no option. You can’t easily do post production in MP3.

Similarly, FRAPS software can record gaming activity.

Do you know anyone else that’s gotten all that to work at once? I can believe individual podcasts have gotten pieces of that to work, but not all at once.


Well i know it can be done with dxtory as it can record multiple devices, so you get it to record your speaks,mic, line 1 and line 2 , line 1 & 2 are virtual audio cables and you can bypass teamspeak etc. but dxtory doesnt work to well for me and shadowplay is so much better performance,recording wise etc, il give that vb audio a try :smiley: