Recording 2nd track while listening to first


Recorded 1st track fine.
Trying to record 2nd track , while listening to 1st track.
Issue is that on the second track , it records the 1st track as well.
What settings do I use in Audacity that will enable me to record 2nd track only but also be able to listen to 1st track.
Using a Eurorack MXB1002 mixer in between PC and sound card ( Audiofile 2496). Tape in/out ( 4 connections ) connected from Mixer to sound card.

That’s Overdubbing.

You can commonly get into trouble two different ways.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_] Playthrough (de-select)
Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Always record a new track (select).

Whatever settings you use to record internet sound, de-select them. There’s different ways to record “sounds playing on the computer” (YouTube Music). Stop doing that.


Thank you for your reply. Will try asap.


Tried those settings but result is still the same. Makes me wonder if my connections are correct from mixer to sound card.
From mixer , 2 x tape in and 2 x tape out go to the sound card.
2 x main output from mixer go to the amp.
use other channels on mixer to plug guitar to record .
Would above be correct ?



You may not be able to easily overdub with this mixer. I don’t think you can use Tape-In.

Investigating this problem is difficult because it appears this mixer is no longer produced and eBay doesn’t offer instruction material.

External USB soundcards have “zero latency monitoring” where they automatically mix microphone sound with Audacity Overdub Playback. I don’t think Tape-In does that.

I have a trick you might be able to use. Instead of using Tape-In, bring the Audacity playback into one (or two) active channels. But don’t advance the channel mix slider. Instead, advance FX Send and FX Send on your microphone channel. That will create a custom mix independent of the show. Advance FX Send on all the channels you want as part of your performance mix. Monitor or plug headphones into FX Send output upper right of the mixer.

This connection may not get loud enough for an actual performance, but it does have the right sounds on it. You may be able to use a HiFi amplifier or other method to make it louder.

I see the mixer has a thing called Mon Send. You may be able to use those.

I’m guessing at some of this because there is very little mixer information available.


Thanks Koz for your reply. I’ll test the connections you recommend.
I may try getting a recent mixer which is not a lot at cost.
Any you recommend ?