recording 2 tracks at once

I have a Mackie onyx blackjack 2 channel interface with windows and audacity software. If I record the 2 channels at the same time, it puts them on the same track. How do I get them to record on separate tracks? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Gary

Record as a stereo (2 channel) track, then after recording, split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks.
See here for splitting stereo tracks:

But I want to separate the, e.g. vocal channel from the guitar channel so I can mix and e.q. them separately. When I press record it puts them both on the same track and I want them on to different tracks or can’t this be done?

Are you getting a stereo (2 channel) track when you record, or a mono (1 channel) track?

Do you get two blue waves one over the other?

There is Mackie driver software for this unit. Did you install it?

Never mind.

“PC users running Windows are advised to download and install the latest ASIO driver from for the best performance.”

Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.


Although I’m recording into both channels of the interface, I end up with both channels on the same track in mono. P.S. Thanx for trying to help me sort this out.

The ASIO driver has been installed

That will not help because Audacity does not ship with support for ASIO.

Ensure that the device is set to record in stereo in the Windows Sound Control Panel and that Audacity is set to record 2 channel stereo in the device toolbar.

I presume that you are using Windows?

BINGO!!! many thanks guys, I can know record and separate my guitar and vocal track onto a stereo track and slit the stereo track to 2 mono tracks so I can finesse each track independently. Many thanks. Gary

For the benefit of future users, what fixed it for you?