Recording 2 Church services one right after the other?

Hey Everyone,
i wanted to know with the audacity recording we will be recording our church services at 9:30 and 11 and I wanted to know if when recording the first service and we finish the service do i have to save the file then open up a new recording every time or how do i record the second service up underneath the 9:30 on the program?

I guess that it all depends on what you want to do with the recordings. However in my opinion (and everybody has one of then) you should save the first one and then save the second one, after that you can combine the ttracks if you want or other things that you might want to do. but if you have the two indenpendent files the you can do different things to each or combine, again just my opinion

You could do it brute force and just leave the recorder running through the whole thing, split up the shows later and peel off everything you don’t want in simple editing. I regularly record two hour long shows and split them up for listening in the car.


Now, as I say that, your computer has to have enough room to do these tricks. Audio production take up a lot of room and Audacity will not operate into a full or highly fragmented drive. Once you have a show, editing, even simple editing can double or triple the amount of drive space needed. This is serious stuff.


Sorry. Doing two things at once. Once you have a successful recording don’t Save anything. Export as a Microsoft WAV music file. That’s the protection if everything from there forward goes into the toilet. Don’t save any work with the same filename, either. That can kill the produced show and the backup files.


Thanks Koz, i really thought that saving the .AUP file was the safest way to go. Marty

Microsoft WAV files are pretty good stuff. They will open up in all three computer platforms and their digital sound damage is very near zero. Their only serious shortcoming is they’re uncompressed and very large.

Saving a Project, however, can be very fast since all the program has to do is shuffle a file header here and there. So if time is super important, that may be the way. Stop right after the show and Export WAV files then.

MP3 is a delivery medium. It causes sound damage and you can’t easily make an MP3 from another MP3 without increasing compression damage – sometimes enough to kill the show.


I’m with thor21344.
After the first service is recorded, save the Audacity Project.

At this point I would close and restart Audacity to ensure a clean start (probably not actually necessary, but it will avoid the possibility of accidentally overwriting the first recording).

Then make the second recording (check that it is registering the sound correctly before you leave it.
Stop and Save the project at the end.

You now have 2 Audacity projects. The start/end of the recordings can be trimmed and any other editing/processing if necessary. You can then export in whatever format(s) you require.

I have been playing around with the audacity on my own personal computer and have found that when you stop one recording if you mute the recording and start a new recording it will put the new recording up under the other recording. The arrow will do the overdub if you dont mute the first recording. If i put the setting in the preferences not to overdub will the recording for the second service record and not play the first service simuateously?
BTW thanks for all the responses!!! :smiley:

I forgot to mention that the computer that will be recording will be also running the worship on the screen while it records will those two programs collide with each other? the computer is an Apple

Any time you press record, Audacity will try to produce a fresh new recording – one under the other. From there you can select one of them and File > Export Selected. If you just Export, you will get a mix-down of the two recordings. The solo and mute buttons to the left will turn each track on and off at will.

It’s easy to recreate the original performance by selecting the bottom of two tracks and copy/pasting it to the end of the top track.

As a fuzzy rule, saving a project will preserve the show in mid-edit. Multiple tracks, time shifts, cuts, etc. Projects do not save UNDO. You can open the project later and take up where you left off.

You can save a multi-track WAV file, but it takes special effort and not every player can deal with the resulting sound file. WAV format has always been able to handle multiple tracks, but nobody wrote the software to create them.

One other note. WAV files have a size limitation 2GB/4GB and Projects effectively don’t, or it’s much, much larger.