Recording 2 audio devices in different tracks

windows 7 audacity 2.1.0
i’m trying to record my pc audio which i do by setting it to WASAPI and choosing my headphones as the recording device but then problem with that is it doesnt record my i’m wondering if i can have 1 track recording WASAPI headphone audio then on another track i have just my mic recording so i can have just my headphone audio,just my mic audio, and both together if i want it that way

No Audacity only records one source at a time, one instance of Audacity at a time.

If you open Windows Sound you can see if you can unmute the mic (Playback tab, Properties for the headphones) or enable “Listen to this device” for the mic (Recording tab, Properties for the mic). Then the mic will be mixed into the computer audio to be recorded. The mic will be delayed if your only option is “Listen to this device”.

If you try one of the donationware products from you may be able to record stereo computer playback with the mic in one channel, or computer playback in one channel of a stereo track and mic in the other channel. Let us know if you try that.

Otherwise you need two computers, or run Audacity 1.0 with current Audacity (recording mic to Audacity 1.0 and WASAPI in current Audacity), or run one instance of Audacity in one user account and another instance in another user account.

Other apps such as REAPER can record multiple sources.