Recorder to mic input

I dont see anywhere on the forum to post a message, how do you post a message, I am having trouble with distortion. I am taking audio from a recorder to mic input. I try to keep the levels on my meter using linear and db and still get distortion. how do I correct this??

You have done, except I started a new topic for you with a relevant title.

Do you mean a cassette recorder? Don’t use the mic-in - it’s probably mono and meant only for low level signals from cheap computer microphones. Use the blue line-in or if you don’t have that, buy a USB interface that has a proper line-in, like one of these:
Missing features - Audacity Support .


There are web sites that have posted very serious-sounding instructions to do this. There are some computers where this actually works, but most don’t. That PC connection is designed for a microphone, pretty much exclusively.


That was such a useful Wiki link Gale that I added it to the Wiki front page to make it easier to find.