Recorded tracks sound overlapping

Dear Participants:

I have recently downloaded the latest version of Audacity 2.0 and have Windows 8
I have recorded some tracks from a USB turntable.
The last recorded tracks have sounds from the previously recorded tracks. I have not set any custom settings but under the Tracks tab the left channel is checked and I am unable to delete it.

I am simply trying to transcribe analog recordings to a digital format to play as MP3 files.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m unclear about your set-up or what has occurred, but there is a tutorial here that may help:

Press Solo on one of the tracks. Do you only hear that track? If so, the problem is only that multiple Audacity tracks stacked above each other play all together.

If Solo shows the track has recorded a song from a previous track, then you have chosen the wrong input to record from in Audacity. Choose the USB Audio CODEC as the input device.

If it is more convenient, press Pause when you want to change side or album then press Pause again to restart recording on the same Audacity track.