recorded tracks on Zoom H4N imported into Audacity sound horrid

I’ve designed luggage that converts to an acoustic drum and I’m trying to make a sample sound file to show some guitar manufacturers.
Initially I record 4 tracks on my zoom which sounded pretty good, then import the tracks onto my laptop… still sounding good, then import into Audacity where I can convert into an mp3.
After I’ve imported the 4 tracks into Audacity the sound quality is terrible, I’m guessing it has something to do with my preferences, but I could do with some experienced advice.
I’m using the same wireless headphones to listen to both of the above, but the sound is so different.
Happy to upload tracks if needed. Thanks

Post the same ten seconds of each track (if I understand this right).

The H4n only has two microphones. Where did you get four tracks from? Or do you mean you made four separate recordings?’