Recorded sound waves grayed out

Narration. Chapter almost finished & all the recording suddenly grayed out. Still there but gray and does not respond. Everything else works. How can I recover (six hours work)

I would wait it out. If you give up, you can terminate Audacity or reboot your machine - if you are lucky, Audacity will be able to recover the work for you. Note that the recovery process can be time-consuming so don’t be impatient. If you do decide to abort the recovery process you can typically wave goodbye to your project

In the future, be sure to back up your project at least once an hour so you won’t lose so much work. Personally, I close my project often, then re-open so I won’t have a mountain of UNDO buffers that Audacity has to flush when I’m finally done. This also seems to make Audacity more responsive for me.

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