Recorded Sound slowly fading down through whole recording

Pic of recording.jpg
I did my first podcast the other day and put it up on Podbean. I went back to listen for myself and noticed the sound was fading out for the whole podcast. It was perfect in the beginning and at the end there was no sound. There was no effect on and while recording it sounded great. I didnt know this happened until i went back and listened for myself. Was i suppose to present a setting first?

It could be a dying battery on your condenser microphone.

Or if you are using a dynamic microphone connected to the mic port on the computer it could be that you need to turn off Windows sound enhancements and also update your audio device drivers.

If you need more help please give the make and model number of the mic and say how it connects to the computer.


if you have a program that also uses the microphone, close that program