recorded sound low in volume, distorted. Just BAD

Running Windows 7 w/latest version of Audacity. 2.0.2
I am trying to record PC sound or “What I Hear”.
I have disabled all sound effects on REALTEK HIDEF microphone which is my only option for recording devices.
I have displayed disabled devices/disconnected devices and there are none.
I have tried “Windows Direct Sound” w/ primary sound capture driver and REALTEK, both NG. Also tried MME with REALTEK and Sound mapper as i/p sources. Also NG.
My playback device is an HRT Music streamer, an external USB-RCA device. When recording I have tried switching playback devices in all combinations, also NG.
I also use POLDERBITS to record from PC and have no issues with that BUT I want to use AUDACITY (Very much) I think I have tried everything, am out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mean there are no options other than the microphone input?
If so, then you will need to use one of the workarounds as described here: