Recorded songs on top of each other but don't want a mix

Hi Steve - Not sure if my problem can be solved with this method. Songs were recorded onto a MacBook Pro. I recently recorded our band onto two tracks through my Presonus Audiobox USB interface. The recording was stopped between songs so they have ended up on 8 stereo tracks that were one under the other down the screen. They were not one after the other. I wasnt sure what format to save them in, I ended up saving them as a WAV file, the result is I have 8 songs on top of each other instead of saved as individual song. I should have saved them as a project. Can they be separated back into individual songs again using the above method, is there another way to do it, or am I screwed. Thanks in advance

Please don’t jump into someone else’s different topic on another operating system. I started a new topic for you in Mac OS X with a relevant title.

Nothing you can do if you did not save a project. Audacity would have warned you that you were mixing down to stereo, but you apparently did not take heed.

If you want to continue recording on the same track, Pause (blue button) instead of Stop, or SHIFT-click on Record after Stop (or SHIFT + R).

From where you were, you should have done File > Export Multiple… by tracks.


Sorry about that, I am first time user of Audacity, I didnt realise there was a Mac Forum and I couldnt see how to post a topic, thats why I ‘tagged’ onto the post, it was the closest I could find to my query.

If you just File > Exported and then closed Audacity, then yeah. You’re dead. Audacity mixed all those tracks down to stereo.

If the show is still open, you can export each track.
Select one individual track by clicking just above MUTE and then File > Export Selected…
Repeat for the other tracks.

Or if you Saved a Project. Open the project and all the tracks will come back.


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