recorded file wiht no sound

i have recorded sound with audacity on my laptop, but when i try to open it it doesnt plays , it has no sound. its a 2.25 gigas file and its saved has wav i think. how can i fix this?

Could you please tell us your Windows and Audacity version?

Have a look at the pink box above.

Where doesn’t it play? Windows Media Player?

WAV files cannot be larger than 4 GB and some players may not play WAV larger than 2 GB.

For greatest compatibility, you should export two WAV files. You can export FLAC, which should be just over 1 GB and will be lossless like WAV, but Windows Media Player will need extra codecs to play it unless you have Windows 10.


my audacity version is 2.1.1 and i am using windows 7 and its doesnt play in audacity and bs player.

A 2.25 GB WAV file should play in Audacity. What we are saying is that WAV files over 2 GB may be too large for some players. Do you see tall blue waves in Audacity when you import that file?

If you see the blue waves in Audacity then the problem is that you have chosen the wrong playback device or you have muted the playback device. In Audacity, open Device Toolbar and choose the playback device your speakers or headphones are connected to. Then turn the Audacity volume slider up (by the speaker symbol):


Then open Windows Sound, Playback tab, and make sure the default device is set to the playback device your speakers or headphones are connected to. I guess BS player only users the default Windows playback device so until you make that change in Windows, BS player won’t have any sound.


i have no blue waves when i load the file in my audacity :frowning:.

Did you have blue waves when you first recorded it? If you don’t have blue waves in the recording, just a flat line, you don’t have any recording.

It could be that Norton or some cleanup application deleted your recording before you could export it. Or it could be you don’t have permission to write to your Audacity temporary directory. You should open Edit > Preferences… then “Directories” and change the directory to your Desktop or Music folder (or anywhere else you are sure you can write to).

If you make that change and import the WAV into Audacity and then it has blue waves, you will still have to change the Windows default playback device so that BS player has sound.