Recorded File was crushed and now doesnt play a sound

I really hope you can help me here. I recorded a podcast for almost two hours of work and then while playing it to edit, the program crushed.
I check the temporary files, and hoped that auto-recovery will work - they didn’t.

Somehow, the files were saved in the folder, however, now when i open audacity i get a message:
“project check of xxxxx found 26 orphan block files. these files are unused by this project but might belong to other projects. They are doing no harm and are small”.

I chose the option “continue without deleting”

I see all the one-hour recording (there are sound wave) however, the file doesn’t play any sound. I tried to export it as well but nothing happens.

Please help :slight_smile:

When you play the recording, does the Audacity playback meter respond to the playback?

Not having sound and not being able to hear anything are two different things. Does the bouncing sound meter work?

When you finish recording any work, immediately File > Export as a perfect quality WAV sound file. Put the file in a safe place, Thumb Drive? If anything happens to the edit to damage the sound, you can reset everything, open up the backup file, and keep going.

A common New User error is to record, edit, and export one single event with no backups or safety exports. If anything goes wrong, you may be stuck recording the whole thing again.