Recorded file disappears after being saved

I had just finished a project and when I went to send it to my professor it would not go through. I tried to save it as an MP3 and it deleted my file and I can no longer find it. I have looked in recent history and I have also checked auto save. I can not find it anywhere. Any idea as to where I can get it back?!

Are you on a network-connected machine or are your storage systems on the cloud? Audacity doesn’t much like systems like that. It doesn’t fully understand having a network in the middle of a machine.

What was the filename you used? You can get into trouble if you use punctuation marks on some machines. Dates can just kill you. Use ISO dates. Today is 2018-11-08, 18-11-08 or 181108, not 11/08/18.

Safe characters are upper case, lower case, numbers, -dash- and underscore.

Have you sent an Audacity Project anywhere before? You have to send both the AUP file and the _DATA folder. The show will not open unless you send both. This is a Project.

Sometimes computer systems will try to add “.txt” to the end of an AUP file and the show will not open when it gets to where it’s going. Far better to send a WAV or MP3 file rather than a Project.