Recorded DJ Set - Sound levels

Hi, I’ve recorded a DJ set for my podcast, there are some slight differences in sound on the transitions. How can I level them out in Audacity? I’m no sound engineer please talk to me in Lehman’s terms. Thanks in advance

The [u]Envelope Tool[/u] allows you to “manually” adjust certain parts up or down. The trick is to keep the end-points unchanged and ramp-up and ramp-down the volume so there are no sudden changes.

It’s usually best to do this kind of thing manually, but the compressor & limiter effects also tend to automatically even-out the volume. Or, there is a Leveller option under the Distortion effect, but I believe it’s mostly made for speech and it might mess-up music. (It doesn’t necessarily have to sound distorted).

If you are boosting the volume, watch-out for [u]clipping[/u]. And if you do anything that can boost the volume it’s a good idea to run the amplify or Normalize effect before exporting. These effects can bring-down levels if necessary, keeping the peaks below 0dB so your file wont’ be clipped. (Otherwise, those effects can bring-up the volume if you have headroom.)

Thank you this is really useful