Recorded Conversations

Hi guys.
I’m not sure where to put this post but i’m having some trouble with recorded conversations (on Skype). Basically I used PowerGramo (skype compatiable) to record my conversations, however there is a echo when I listen back to the converstaions. How can I get rid of it? Can Audacity do it?


<<<How can I get rid of it?>>>

You probably don’t. Internet, or any IP based telephone systems have echo. They just do. We just put in a top quality, many hundred instrument, fast and broad telephone system at my company and guess what? It has echoes. The system is very, very cool, but it has echoes.

<<< Can Audacity do it?>>>

Nobody can do it. Echoes are one of the instant death audio problems. An echo is the actor’s voice coming back to the microphone a split second after the initial performance. This usually applies to a performance in a large “live” theatre, but the principal is the same on a data phone line. You are basically asking the software to remove the actor from himself.

I’m compelled to talk about exotic tools like threshold limiters which can actually be made to work, but that’s only going to get your hopes up. If you spend hours setting one up to work perfectly, it will continue to do that until the actor takes a breath or backs away from the microphone slightly. Then you get to set it all up again.

You’ll stop every often to push hot pins in your flesh because that’s less painful that using the tool.