Recorded cell phone conversation. Any helpful hints?


New to Audacity. I have a recorded conversation, and I would like to make the other end more clear. I used an Olympus-ws600s, and I have it on my itunes…and computer os is Windows7.

I have amplified and taken out the white noise…but the amplification added more white noise. The person on the other end is a fast speaker, but I can understand most of what he is saying. I would like to make his voice and words more clear, but also keep the white noise to a minimum. Also, there is a song playing in the background…any way to get that out too? (wishful thinking there).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Steve was very good about helping me out before (hi, Steve). Thanks in advance.

If you filter out all the frequencies above 4KHz (approx) that could remove some more hiss but retain the telephone quality speech.

Are both sides of the conversation on the same sound track?

Yes, both are on same sound track…And as for filtering, how do I do that? Is it the high or low pass filter? Thanks to you both, in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s low pass. Anything lower than 4000 goes through.

The “telephone” special effects filter is generally considered 300 to 3000. That will filter a high quality voice so it sounds like somebody talking on the “phone,” even if phones don’t actually sound like that any more. It’s pure Hollywood.

Are you after just understanding the other end in the recording? that may do it. Nothing about this is going to give you theatrical (or even podcast) quality voices.

And that TV in the background is a permanent performer in the show.

It is a Podcast, right?


It would be a low-pass filter with a cut-off of 3 or 4 or 5KHz

Personally I’d use the equalizer. If you haven’t used it before the “graphic EQ” mode may be easier than “draw curves” :
it’s just like the slider controls on a home audio system …
Audacity equalizer in  'graphic EQ' mode- slider controls.png

Thanks guys, I did the equalization thing. The quality still sounds about the same. Any other suggestions? I tried 3k and 4k. And as for the recorded conversation, it was an assignment for a class of mine, but the speaker on my phone really sucks, so I had to settle with recording it without the speaker. And the music in the background was pretty faint, and I wasn’t thinking…otherwise, I would’ve turned down the radio. This Audacity stuff is very cool, so I am glad that I ran into the problem (looking on bright side).

I’m just reading back through this. You used your Olympus – how?

Since your expectations are already pretty much at bottom, you might be able to use one of those Radio Shack telephone coupler thingies. They do give you a direct connection, but they don’t do much about the imbalance in volume between you and them.


But that only works if you’re on a land-line phone. Never mind.

I wonder if anybody makes a pseudo-headset cable. One that connects like a regular headset, but also gives you the two sound signals on little connectors – or maybe one stereo connector.