Recorded band interview on phone is very quiet...

HELP I used an app on my phone to record an interview I did with a band for my podcast. Unfortunately the opposite end of the phone call, after converting from 3gp to mp3, is extremely quiet. I can hear the responses, but even after amplification the sound is tinny and quiet. Is there another effect that I can use to bring out the quiet portions of the interview? Thank you for your attention.

Jamey Wilson @theindie500show

Cellphone recorders don’t record the far end, just you. What you actually got was acoustic leakage from the speaker to the microphone inside the cellphone. That’s why it sounds so awful. It’s a mistake. There isn’t supposed to be anything there.

There usually isn’t much you can do. Effect > Amplify but that can heavily screw up your voice. There’s no good way to predict what’s going to happen to the sound quality so there’s no standard equalization setting.

Post a segment of the show here on the forum. Don’t do anything to it. Include a bit of your voice and then the far end.