Recorded Audio - Warbling / Modulation

Greetings !

I tried recording my band’s live performance.
The meters read fine, nothing was over driven.
Upon playback … the audio sounds like we are underwater.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !


That’s probably Windows helping you. Turn off Windows Enhanced Services.
We wrote about this and I can’t find it.

Read through the bottom of this post.


Greetings !

I followed the instructions and I must be missing something. I dont see the " Allow appications etc. etc to take control"

I am using WIN XP.

Thanks !

XP does not have that option.

On XP, the “enhancements” that Koz spoke of are not provided by Windows, though some sound cards do provide similar kinds of “effects”.
Look carefully in your sound card settings and ensure that there are no effects enabled anywhere.
Look in particular for any of the following which may be present:
“Noise Reduction”
“Automatic Gain Control”
“Echo Cancellation”
“Environmental Effects”

Depending on the sound card, these or other effects may (or may not) be present.
All sound card effects should be disabled when recording.

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I forgot to add, I am working off of an IBM A31, Pent 4 Laptop, Maxed with RAM.

Upon further research, I noticed a thread about turning down the default WINXP mic input volume.
If the mic input volume is too loud, it’s like shoving a golfball through a garden hose…sonically speaking.

Even with the ambient noise extremely loud, it would have overloaded the laptop, eventhough the audacity levels showed fine.

It makes sense to me …

Your thoughts ?

Thanks !

Assuming it is what we think it is, something in Windows Conferencing thinks the sustained notes in your music are “air conditioning noise” and it’s trying it darndest to cancel them out of the show.

The “show” in this case – according to the computer – is a voice conference to the corporate conference room in Switzerland, not the musical performance you were hoping for.

Just for grins, temporarily make a mono show (Tracks > Make Mono) select a portion where the distortion is obvious, export it as FLAC and post it on the forum.