Recorded audio of only Left side.

Hi ,

As my recording device malfunctioned ( IPOD) , i was only able to record , one side of the recording field ( I.e…only the left side). Now with this audio file ( that will be played using Itunes player) , how do I record from this audio file , ensuring that the Audacity recording captures both the LEFT and RIGHT channels ( when exported as MP3) ?

Thanks in advance.

If you performed a live recording and the recorder only got the Left part of the show, then the best you can do in Audacity is duplicate the Left channel to the Right channel just to have something there. The “real” right channel doesn’t exist.

You also have the option of making the existing Left channel Mono in Audacity and that mono show will play through both speakers on most sound systems. That one’s easier, obviously, and takes half the data storage.

Most stereo recordings taken from real life or nature have enormous similarities between left and right and basically, nobody will care. If, on the other hand, the show was heavy in special effects and theatrical direction, then you have no show past a reshoot.