Recorded audio is way too high pitched

The title says it all really. Every time i try to record audio from my webcam it sounds high pitched.

I’m using an Eyetoy (The Namtai model according to my sound settings) to record. I tried using the solution Listed here: and it didn’t work.

Does Skype or Chat work OK? We should eliminate the possibility that the camera is broken.


I just checked Skype and it has the same problem, and the default sound recorder just straight up doesn’t detect the webcam.

I have 2 Eyetoy’s (the original black model and the gray revision, i was using the gray one) so i’ll try to find the black one and see if it fixes the issue.

Also since i forgot to mention in the OP.

  • My distro is Ubuntu 13.10
  • The version of audicity i have is 2.0.3
  • I installed audacity directly through the software center

You should probably undo that change before you try something different.

Can you fix it with Effect > Change Speed (that is, the audio is too short) ?


I just checked the black Eyetoy and it has the same problem. So unless if i have some really bad luck, it seems to be a problem with Ubuntu.

I made sure to do that before testing the black Eyetoy.

That does seem to alleviate the problem a bit. But i want my voice to be normal by default, without having to go into the audio effects to fix it.

I can suggest a little piece of this. If the show is running too fast (high pitched music) it could mean the work was transferred from the camera too slow. To get a speeded up action in a movie, we slow down the movie camera.

Audacity is expecting a sample rate of 48000 (video sound rate) and the camera is sending 44100?


A 44100 Hz/48000 Hz conflict is always possible on Linux, but the topic title is “way” too high pitched.

Also the Ubuntu forums solution might have helped if it was a sample rate conflict.

Have you installed PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol)? Sometimes pulse doesn’t quite work correctly without that.


I installed it and it didn’t help fix the issue.

Is it also recording too fast?
If so, find out exactly how much too fast. Make a recording with a hand clap at the start, then another hand clap exactly 100 seconds later. Then look at the recording and see where the hand claps appear on the time line. The difference in speed may give an indication of where the problem lies.

Just a bit of an update here. I ended doing what i should have done in the first place and checked the webcam on the Windows version of Audacity.

Turns out it has the same problem, and Window’s built in sound recorder also suffers from it. So it looks like it’s a problem with the Eyetoy’s themselves. I guess the thread should be locked now, since the solution seems to be getting a new webcam.