Record without compression

I connected my tascam DR-40X via usb to my windows11 pc. When I make recordings of my choir, I lose a lot of the dynamics. Differences between hard and soft become smaller than they actually are. THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT.
When I make the USB connection, I cannot add any recording settings in the DR-40X. All recording settings are therefore in Audacity (or Windows). Where can I turn off the recording compression?

Audacity does not and can not apply dynamic compression during recording. If there is dynamic compression occurring it must be due to something outside of Audacity.

The two things that I would check first:

  1. Check Windows Sound settings. Windows will often attempt to “enhance” the audio input.
  2. Check the Tascam manual and look for any compression settings that can be made. It may be the case that you need to configure the Tascam’s recording settings before connecting it to a computer.

Adding to Steve’s advice - my HP Pavilion laptop had dynamic compression on any recording software, including Audacity. I traced it to a “B&O” sound feature built in to HP’s software package. Without telling owners, HP wanted to soften the dynamics of audio content, probably to avoid overdriving the laptop speaker system. HP Support admitted to it, but didn’t know how to fix it. There was no “off” switch so it required research to find an audio chip driver to disable the compression, but was worth the effort.

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