record with unsaved/unexported project open?

I have my project of five clips edited into one but discovered i need to record one last clip and add it. Can i record it with an unsaved/unexported project open? If I save as aup can I then open the aup and add the one last clip and then export as mp3? Should i record with the other computer and then drag file into the open project

win 7 64 bit Audacity 2.1.1

With your project open in Audacity, you could open a new instance of Audacity to record the additional clip, then copy & paste that clip into your project. To open a new instance click-on “File” menu , (top left corner) , then click on “new”.

Alternatively you could record the additional clip as a new track in the project , pressing the red record button will add a new track to the project.

Did it with new track thanks

To be pedantic, that would be a new window in the same instance of Audacity. We don’t allow running more than one Audacity at a time with the same user.