Record with Imported Backround Music

I am using Audicity 2.0.0 with Windows XP.

I import an MP3 file with two tracks into an new project.

I can hear the MP3 files when I use the Play Button.

I cannot hear the MP3 files when I use the record Button. I can only hear my voice!


I want to record a voice track while hearing the mp3 file. The end result will be a three Track recording.

Bill Hackett, Mesa Arizona

“Transport menu > Overdub” should be selected (enabled)

You’re getting dangerously close to needing Overdubbing/Multitrack instructions. If what you have when you turn Overdubbing on is OK, then use that and have a happy day, but many people miss being to hear themselves while they’re doing it, and they may also discover that their narration track doesn’t sync up with the music.

Computers are not naturally Digital Audio Workstations and trying to make them work like that can be challenging.

The best way to do it is with special hardware. You can get the process to work perfectly with no compromises that way. If you’re willing to put up with problems, shortcomings, and oddball operating behavior, then you can do that with just the computer. Few people can get perfect studio quality recordings without the hardware.