record with declicker on

I was just imagining the time savings, maybe, if I could record with the declicker on rather than run it after recording. Long form audiobook production is what it is used for. What is the chance of this being done?


The disadvantage is if it causes damage there’s no way back to the original recording.

Paid-for de-clicker plugins do allow you to adjust the controls in ~real-time, but they can be expensive.

Ya. just looking for an easy way out.

What sort of “clicking” is it?
“Mouth” sounds or a technical problem?

Just the typical mouth noise. I was looking for a way to declick while recording rather than run it afterword.

I agree with Trebor’s comment, better to apply after recording so that if it causes damage you can undo.

If you have a collection of files you need to process, you might be able to do this with Macros.