Record with BackTrack

I’m French, my english is bad, scuse me.

I have BackTrack and I can record with Audacity and my PLANTRONICS mic.
When I click on the “Record” button the cursor remain at the beginning of the track and does not record :confused:
On Windows, I succeeded.

Do you mean this version of Linux ?

Try clicking the Transport Menu and turn off Software Playthrough (Passage audio logiciel). Also turn off Sound Activated Recording (Enregistrement automatique) in the same menu.

Try choosing the (hw) input device instead of the pulse input.

Try increasing audio to buffer in the Recording Preferences.


Yes i have this BackTrack (5 r3 KDE).
I try but it does not work :confused:
But i have a beta version (“Audacity ® 1.3.12-beta (Unicode)”).
How to upgrade ?

Did you also try rebooting?

If you launch Audacity from the terminal are there any warnings or errors when recording stalls?

Have you tried pressing R on the keyboard instead of using the Record button? If you use pulse and you hold down Play or Record too long, Audacity can freeze.

What version do you have now? Look at Help > About Audacity.

The current release version is 2.0.3 so 1.3.12 is a downgrade from that. A 1.3.12 package that is meant for another version of BackTrack could be hard to install.

If you have less than 2.0.3, I would try uninstalling the Audacity versions you have now, then compile either the 2.0.3 tarball or 2.0.4 alpha (latest code). You can get these here: . Compilation instructions that should work on a Debian-based distribution are here.