record while listening to headphones

hi i would like to record a podcast. i like the idea of plugging in earbuds in the laptop while recording the podcast so not to bother others. i could then listen in when recording it. however, it does not record anything when the ear buds are plugged in. if i play it through my laptop speakers it will record.

may i ask is there a fix to this?

if not can i mute the speakers and then increase the volume after the recording is complete or will that cause an issue with sound quality?

my laptop has an integrated soundcard and i record via windows wasapi.


hi i would like to record a podcast.

You got me going there. You want to record an existing internet podcast, not produce a new one.

Some of the methods of self-recording grab the speaker sound, so it’s not a shock they may drop dead if you plug in headphones.

However I didn’t think WASAPI worked that way. Did you go carefully through our instructions?

I don’t know if the manual covers this, but Voicemeeter can do some of these Windows recording tricks, too.


thanks koz!