record volume low

I am using a turntable and a EAS USB Audio Grabber with the latest Audacity and windows 10 on a HP Laptop. There is recording made but the volume is so low I can hardly hear it during monitoring and playback. I’ve set the volume levels I can find to the highest it will go but nothing changes. The blue line for the recording is flat lined.

A standalone turntable without USB connection?

How are you connecting the turntable to that EAS device? Does EAS provide phono pre-amplification and RIAA equalization? I have not found online that it does. If not, it is the wrong tool for the job and you would completely expect a low level recording, unless your turntable is part of a music centre or connected to a phono amplifier.

Also reviews of the device say it is low level even with a phono pre-amp:

You may want to look at a better device for the job such as ART USB Phono:

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