Record volume issue

Having difficulty recording with Audacity ver 2.2.2 (OS is Win 10). The issue is the record volume level through the sound card - it is close to flatline even with the recording level setting cranked full up (there a very small waveform and some faint audible content on playback). I can get the sound levels on the monitoring bar to -30 db or so with the recording level at 100%. but the level of the saved recording does not seem to increase significantly.

I’ve been through most of the FAQ’s on the Audacity site on this kind of issue and have played with virtually all the settings to no effect. My sound card (SB ZxR) is set as the playback default device and the recording setting is What U Hear (SB ZxR Default Device). I’ve tried changing all of the different Audacity settings (Audi Host: Widows WASAPI; Windows Direct Sound; MME). The Audacity recording device is the same as the desktop (What U Hear - SB ZxR), the setting is 2 (Stero) and playback is Speakers (SB ZxR). In the not too distant past, I uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity. I also checked the recording preferences (tried Playthrough with “overdub” checked/unchecked and the same for Software Playthrough of input). Also tried changing all of the Transport Options settings and recanning the audio device.

Whatever the problem is, it doesn’t seem to be limited to Audacity. To test things, I downloaded the trial version of the NCH suite and it too has the same issue. All the audio content on playback whether streamed, via USB (phone) or local device (CD) is normal. I’m not the most technically savvy user, so any and all help is appreciated.

I don’t think anywhere in there you said what you’re recording.

What are you recording? List all the options, for example YouTube Sound and bass drum microphone.

I know it’s tempting to dive right into knob settings, but it’s handy to know what your job is.


I don’t think anywhere in there you said what you’re recording.

What are you recording?

I’ve tested with various sources: input streamed from an online music service, audio from Youtube or local input via a microphone. Basically, anything running through the sound card is recorded at a very low level (the waveform is visible on Audacity, but just barely so - when played back, the sound is audible, but at very low volume. Real time audio from the same sources through the (powered) loudspeakers plugged in to the SB card is at normal volume levels.