Record using presets

Hi! I’ve recently been getting myself into the audio editing world and I have a little question related to recording. How do you manage to get your own editing presets (like normalize,compressor, reverb) and have them applied in real time to your recording so that you’re hearing the final thing while recording it? I’ve seen a friend do that in mixcraft. Can you do the same in audacity? Thanks!

Audacity is not a real-time editor. It doesn’t do anything to your show while it’s recording.

It can be done by using an audio routing application to send the recording to a real-time VST host, then send the audio on to Audacity to be recorded as you twiddle the effect knobs in the host.

Not recommended unless you know exactly what you are doing.


I’ll treat this as a vote for “real-time effects” in Audacity, unless you say you don’t want your vote to be “counted”. This is our most popular request, but it is a big change for Audacity and may not ever happen.