Record Two Discrete Tracks Simultaneously [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.05 WinXP sp3 though soon upgrading to new Win 7-64 computer. I am using an Presonus Audiobox USB which is a 2 input/2 output device. I have it hooked up via USB into the computer. I just acquired two matched AT4021 microphones. In Audacity I set the input to “USP Audio Input” and “2 (stereo) input” and I can see both mic’s waveforms recording and I can adjust volume of each at the Audiovox device. But the recording, though stereo, is on one track. Is it possible to separate the simultaneous recording of two mics so they are on two discrete tracks?

thanks to all

Make sure Audacity is set for Stereo.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording.

Check it with the Device Toolbar.

You might restart Audacity.

Windows has to know about your device and then Audacity gets the sound from Windows, so plug everything together and then start Audacity.

They use “slippery words” in the ad. Normally, these things are not mixers, they deliver stereo and that’s that, but yours is a mixer if you set up for mono. But it doesn’t say anything about stereo…

I’m asking them…


As my original inquiry stated I have it setup for stereo input. I get two discrete waveforms from the two mics but they show on one track and not two tracks that can later be panned left/right or set at different volumes.

best, Rick

No problem.
Do the recording exactly as you are doing now, then split the stereo track into two mono tracks using the “Split Stereo to Mono” option in the track drop-down menu.
Also see: Audacity Manual

Steve, thank you and exactly the fix I needed!