record to single file

hi, i noticed that when i record line-in, pairs of *.au 1-MB files are generated as long as recording proceeds → is there any way to record to a single file as long as recording is on (i’d like to transfer recorded stream to my mp3 player)?
thank you (ps: entirely new to audacity - sorry)

Audacity and most other production programs record in little discrete fragments for speed and the better to recover in case of crash. Sometimes this works better than others.

You can certainly get a single sound file any time you want it by stopping an Audacity capture and Exporting. That is the preferred way to preserve a performance anyway, as Audacity Projects are brittle and easily damaged.

You shouldn’t be mucking about inside the _DATA folder or the capture directory. That’s one really good reliable way to flush your show.


thanks koz - then, is there any time limit on recording besides disk space? (i figure if 20 1-MB files are generated every minute, 8 hours of recording (i like to record stream overnight) will generate 9600 files! → is that ok?)…

People have reported various problems when recording exceed 2GB. Below this you should be OK (and may be able to go above this with 1.3.5 or above).

Do you need to record the whole 8 hours? Audacity 1.3.5 has a “timer record” option that allows you to set a start and end time for your recording.

ok, i’ll try 1.3.5 - thanks for all - jm