Record third track

I have a downloaded a two track MP3. I want to record my playing over this to capture my playing. I want to start at the beginning of the song and play through the whole song on a new track. for now I will simply capture the sound coming through the laptop’s microphone. at some point I’ll plug the synth into the computer as a usb midi input but that might take some figuring out as it is linux and I don’t understand the midi interface.

So all I want to do is add a track (Tracks > Add New > Mono Track) and then set all three tracks to the beginning and push Record and get the sound from the microphone. But when I do that the recording jumps to the end of the first two tracks and starts recording at the end of the song. and doesn’t get on to the new track. It is recording on the existing tracks. I don’t understand something very basic.

Use Shift+Record to record on a new track.


THX. that’s exactly what I needed to do.

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