record the noises of the room

HELP… I was about to record succesfully a cd… suddenly,with the music, I recorded the noises of the room all around me too !!!.. what did i wrong ?? and how can i set it back to record just the music ??
thanks very much for help

To record sounds playing on your computer, see here:
On Windows Vista or later, the WASAPI method generally works best.

I was about to record succesfully a cd…

Usually, we don’t “record” CDs. We “[u]rip[/u]” (copy) the data digitally.

As long as there are no read errors, you can get a perfect digital copy and it’s much faster than recording. The files on a CD are not in a standard computer format, so it takes a special program to copy and convert the data to WAV or MP3, etc. Windows Media Player can do it. I use EAC.

Also, most file formats can be automatically “tagged” with artist, title, album, etc., during ripping. The software compares a “fingerprint” of the CD to an online database to identify the CD and download the information, which is then embedded in the audio file. (Tagging for WAV files is not well standardized or supported.)