Record/Stop shortcut

I know we have the option to use a shortcut for Play/Stop so can’t there be an option to use a shortcut for Record/Stop? It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s not possible to do that (since I can edit the end of the recording out when syncing it to my video) but it’s kinda inconvenient in my opinion.

Whether recording or playing, the shortcut for “Stop” is the large and easily accessed spacebar. I really don’t see a need for an additional shortcut for “Stop”, but if you really want want you can set one (

“Play / Stop” is a “special case” because the are such commonly used commands, and many other apps also use spacebar for play and stop. There are no plans to allow other shortcuts to operate on more than one command.

Oh ok! Either way thanks for responding (and for giving me that link) and Audacity is a great program that I love using! :smiley: