Record sound from the Internet


I have installed Audacity 2.1.1. I want to “record” music into mp3 format from the Internet. I can’t get it going. I get the error message:

“Error while opening sound device. Please check the recording device settings an the project sample rate.”

Please advise preferable step by step how to get Audacity for this going.

Yours faithfully, Johan

See this FAQ:

an this tutorial:

both from the Audacity Manual:


And if you need more help after that, please tell us exactly what version of Windows you have.


Yeah, I’ve been doing that a lot lately and the results are usually way better than the FREE download posted later on the source’s website.

Once you get it going, and may want to EDIT the file… trimming, scaling, etc., consider exporting as FLAC if you have the hard drive space.


Below is a clip of a streaming talk show, with Audacity capture at top in stereo… and the Downloaded file in mono all clipped to hell at bottom.

The adverts are edited out (silenced) at the top… that appear in the mono download.

Another very cool tip… you can download a Youtube and drag/drop the MP4 directly onto Audacity, and it will rip the audio track marvelously.
Sorry for going OT slightly. :slight_smile:


Hello, thanks for your quick replies.

Unfortunately everything seems ok in the settings.
sample frek 44100 is slected in audacity and as far as i can see supported by the sound card
Overdub is selected
play through is disabled

If I choose WIndows WASAPI then I don’t get the error message, I can press the record button, but nothing records?!

I have Windows 10.

Yours faithfully, Johan

Audacity does not officially support Windows 10 yet.

You don’t need overdub on to record computer playback.

Which recording source are you choosing in Audacity when you get the error?

As it says in the Tutorial

Tips for WASAPI loopback recording: > You will normally need to start playing the stream (or to have previously played some other audio in the application you are using for playback) before pressing Record in Audacity.


Where do I choose “recording source”?
Yours faithfully, Johan

See here: