Record several different songs at seperate times n blend

I am trying to figure out a way to record several different songs at different times and blend the togehter. Basically, playing a song that has already been recorded and recording another song from my truntables to make it sound like a smooth transition. Basically, making it sound as it does when a dj plays live.

Any thoughts?

Open Audacity
Record song 1 > Export as a WAV file
Restart Audacity
Record song 2 > Export as a WAV file
… (repeat for all the songs that you want to use)

Restarting Audacity is not actually necessary each time, but doing so clears out Audacity’s temporary files and so frees up disk space (and RAM).

Check that you have at least 10 x as much free disk space (on your C: drive) as the combined size of the files that you are going to use.

Open Audacity and import the WAV files.
Use the Time Shift tool to move each file so that they will play one after another, but overlap a bit.
Select the end of the first track and use the “Fade Out” effect.
Select the beginning of the next track and use the “Fade in” effect.
Repeat for all the tracks.

Using the Zoom In / Zoom Out buttons (or Ctrl + mouse wheel) will help you too see the appropriate parts of your tracks.
You may need to adjust the precise left/right position of the tracks with the Time Shift tool while zoomed in.
You may need to adjust the volume of the tracks using the volume slider (below the track name).

Export your finished mix as a WAV file.

If you want an MP3 version, Export it as an MP3. (You should keep a WAV version in case you want to do more editing. Editing MP3s will have lower sound quality than editing WAV files).