record settings

Using windows 10 and audacity 2.3.1
I have a Behringer UMC 204
when selecting the recording input device I have three choices Realtek Mic, Windows sound mapper - input, or Line 2 Behringer UMC 204HD
If I try to record using a mic plugged into the Behringer input it will work ( but sound terrible) if I select Realtek mic but if I select Behringer the two green drawing pins change to red but the recording doesnt start.
any help will be appreciated - thanks

The Realtek mic is probably the microphone built-into your computer.

If you are going to record through the USB device, of course you select it.

What microphone are you using (make & model and/or links)?

The Behringer has zero-latency hardware-monitoring so you should be able to listen to the mic through your headphones without going through the computer. How does that sound?