Record records with USB turntable

I need really simple instructions on how to use my Lennox TT500 turntable to save records to computer so that I can then burn to CD. I have read the instructions but still cant work it out. I clicked the record icon but dont know what to do next.
Sorry to be obtuse but really just want to be able to save and play my records from a CD.
I am sort of computer literate but obviously not as good as I thought I was.


Assumming that you have everything hooked up properly, you go to Transport on the file menu, click on software play through and turn it on, this will allow you to hear the record while it is playing.
Click on record
start the record
When the record is completed then click on stop button

This should have the record transfered to the computer, then you click on file, export (this is the save feature of Audacity) and save to file to the format that you ant and to the folder that you want.

Hope this is what you wanted


see this set of tutorials from the manual:

especially this one:


The tutorials will give you more detail, but the most important thing is to know that Audacity can’t burn CDs. You’ll need 3rd-party software.

There are 3 or 4 steps:
1. Record
2. Edit (Optional… i.e. Trim the ends. Split the songs into separate files, or combine both sides into one file, etc. Optionally, use some noise reduction, click & pop reduction, EQ, etc., as desired).
3. Export to WAV format (You can generally use any format, but 44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo WAV will match the basic underlying CD format.)
4. Burn the CD.

You can use any burning software of our choice. Just make sure to set it up to make an “audio CD”, because if you simply burn WAV (or MP3, etc.) file onto a disc, it won’t play on a regular CD player.

For burning, I use [u]ImgBurn[/u] (FREE!!!). With an optional [u]Cue Sheet File[/u], you can use one or two “big” WAV files (for two sides of the LP, or the whole LP) and put the track markers in the right places. (If you’ve never done this before, it’s probably easier to use a separate file for each song.)

Thanks for answering me on this. The problem also is that I am not entirely sure that I have even hooked everything up correctly.
What I have done so far is to plug in my Lennox TT500 turntable to the usb on my laptop. I have downloaded Audacity to the laptop and installed it.
I actually dont know where to plug the green plug on my laptop but presumed it must be into the green thing on the front of laptop.
I sort of managed to record and then saved the project and then saved it to my external hard drive. Then I saved into my desktop but my desktop wouldnt play the wav file. My desktop mumbled something about audio codec but have absolutely no idea what it was talking about. Confusion reigns supreme here at the moment and am about ready to forget the whole thing but will have anothere go
To add insult to injury I cant hear any sound now at all on my Laptop.
Pretty sure that I have completely pickled up the whole procedure and that I am a complete idiot. I have read and reread the instructions but they dont tell how to actually plug what to where.
I would really appreciated any more help you can give me.
Thanks Lesley