Record PC audio + mic

Hello everyone!
Since a few moment I search how to record audio from my PC and my mic in same time. I know it’s possible, last years it was working. But I didn’t use it since, and I lost the settings. I passed lot of hours to trie, without result. There is so much possiblities, I’m totally lost.

I hope to have answer from you!

And sorry for my poor english

Vincent :slight_smile:

And sorry for my poor english

We’re not ignoring you. We don’t know how you got it to work the first time.



Yes, but there must be a solution, even without knowing how it was the first time?


If supported by your sound card and drivers:

Go into Windows Sound settings.
Enable “Listen to this device” for your microphone.
Set Audacity to record from “Stereo Mix”
Ensure that you are using headphones and NOT speakers, otherwise you risk loud squealing audio feedback.

Note that these settings are only available on some Windows computers. The “Stereo Mix” option has been phased out and is now quite rare on Windows 10.

If the above method is not available on your computer, you could try using a 3rd party “virtual audio cable”. “VB-Software” and “VAC” provide software that “may” be suitable (we are not affiliated with either company and we do not provide support for their software).


I didn’t change PC since. So it will be ok I guess.

I have dedicated sound card. Yeah, I know that for “steroe mix” it needed to activate it in Windows.

I will test it!