Record PBX greetings

I need to record greeting messages for our phone system. The recordings have to be .wav files, ULAW 8KHz, 64Kb/sec, mono. Is it possible to save wav files in that format using your software?

I assume your recording is mono… The steps I’m giving you won’t convert from stereo to mono.

After recording -

Find Project Rate (Hz) on the lower-left corner of the window. Change it to 8000Hz.

File → Export
Save As Type → Other Uncompressed Formats
Options → Header → WAV
Encoding → U-Law

I’m not sure if u-Law comes with the default installation, so if you don’t see that option download the optional [u]FFMPEG Import/Export Library[/u].

FYI - The 64kbps bitrate comes from 8kHz x 8-bit u-Law, so you don’t have to set it separately.

It does (Other Uncompressed Files) -


Hi, good evening, Gale:

I need to upload a WAV audio to a PBX with the following specification:

  • Settings: Custom
    Encoding: Ley u de CCITT
    Channels: Mono
    Sample rate: 8,000 Hz
    Sample size: 8 bits Integer

I follow the steps you provided in this forum but there is no “Other uncompressed format” under the “File” Option. Could you please help me? I would appreciate it.



Gale Andrews died in 2017.

Things may have moved around a bit since 2013 (yes you’re replying to a 10 year old post).
See this page in the manual: Export Audio - Audacity Manual