Record over just a portion of a song

Windows 10 Audacity 2.2.2
I recently recorded a song and messed up a few chords at the very end of the song. Everything else is fine and I don’t want to record the whole song again. Is there a way to just record over the few chord section that I messed up?

  1. Silence the part that you want to replace (Select and then press Ctrl + L).

  2. Extend the selection a bit so that there is a lead-in and lead-out.

  3. “Shift + R” to start recording to a new track. You should hear the lead-in, and can start playing during the lead-in so that you can match the tempo.

  4. Press “Space” to stop the recording. If you need to try again, press “Ctrl + Z” to Undo the recording.

  5. When you have a take that you are happy with, trim the unwanted portions. Optionally you can apply a short crossfade to get a smooth transition. You can also use the Time Shift tool to adjust the position of the new recording if necessary.

So how do I “extend the selection “ so I can hear what’s being played before my silence?

“Shift + Click and drag” near to the edge of the current selection.

There’s a section in the manual about “selections” here: