Record Out and In at the same time


I want to record voice going in from my mic and voice coming out from speakers at the same time but as two different streams.
but I am not able to record what ever is coming out of speakers, your inputs can be of great help.


you could try selecting stereomix or whatyouhear is whatyougot

but i dont think audacity can do what i think you are asking
it only records one track at a time

Thanks whomper for quick reply but my major problem is that I am not able to record what ever is going on my speakers, so if you can help me in that, that will be great.

You need to record “Stereo Mix” (may be called “Wave Out”, “Sum”, “What U Hear” or “Loopback”).
Not all sound cards support recording from the output - it requires that both the sound card and the sound card drivers support this option.
There is a comprehensive write-up about this here: