Record onto previously created track

Hi All

I would like to record something, hit stop and come back to record on the same track. Is this possible?

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Conrad Pienaar

why not hit pause and then unpause to continue ?

OK tested that and it’s fine except that between me stopping to play and press pause, silence is recorded and I can’t seem to start recording at an earlier point on the same track again.

why would stop and start be any different ?

not that hard to cut out silent gaps if you really must

it may be possible to do the stop/start if you get the latest beta
my version does not do that and i find that pause/unpause works more naturally for me

start a new track each time
then slide them to line up end to end
and export as one long continuous track

It sounds like you want to record over something that was previously recorded. Is that correct? If so, you can’t do that. The best you could do is delete the section you want to record over, then continue recording from the (new) end of the track using Append Record.

– Bill

Yes. OK good. That is what I wanted to know. Thanks Bill.
I want to add that I am extremely impressed with Audacity just so everyone knows that I was not complaining.

Are you recording a narration and stopping to correct mistakes? If so, you may be doing it the hard way.

Even if you stop, delete the mistake, then append-record you’ll never get it perfect and will have to go back and edit each transition to make it sound natural. Since you’ll have to go back and edit anyway, I’ve found that it’s faster and easier to just stop speaking for a moment without stopping recording, then pick up the script at a natural point before the mistake - the beginning of a phrase, sentence or paragraph. The mistakes will be easy to find as there will be the couple of seconds of silence where you stopped to re-group. You can now go back and edit out the mistakes, taking care to make the edit sound natural. Audacity’s “Play Cut Preview” command (C) is great for this as it will play one second before and after the selection you are about to delete.

Another feature you could use is “Tracks > Add Label at Playback Position”. The shortcut is CTRL+M. This will drop a label at the current cursor position during recording as well as playback. When you stop speaking to correct a mistake, hit CTRL+M to mark the spot.

– Bill