Record ONLY Mic Audio

I have tried to do a search on the fourms here, and I cannot find what I am looking for. So here is the story. My friend and I are doing a Podcast from two different states. We want to find a way to each record our audio locally so we each have our own track, His voice, and my voice. But I cannot figure out how to do this.

We use skype to talk over and see video. We don’t want audacity to pick up both voices at once, or any computer noise. Just the one line voice audio. . Can anyone help a newbie out?

Skype will usually let you record the local microphone. Almost never record the far side. So each person records their own microphone. Quite a few productions work like that.

Wear sealed against the head, wired headphones to hear the far side. There’s no way around this. Wireless or earbud types may cause delay or leakage-distortion problems.

That also has the advantage of making everybody’s voice much clearer with less distortion. Skype doesn’t have to do real time echo cancellation. Whole worlds open up.

Each side is going to pick up room noise. So if you record in a kitchen, it’s going to sound like a kitchen (or bathroom), even if you do everything else right. You have the same problems audiobook people do. Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening?

You can get around a lot of that with a kitchen table sound studio.