Record ONLY Mic Audio . . .

I have tried to do a search on the fourms here, and I cannot find what I am looking for. So here is the story. My friend and I are doing a Podcast from two different states. We want to find a way to each record our audio locally so we each have our own track, His voice, and my voice. But I cannot figure out how to do this.

We use skype to talk over and see video. We don’t want audacity to pick up both voices at once, or any computer noise. Just the one line voice audio. . Can anyone help a newbie out?

Method 1:
Use 2 computers, or one computer and a stand alone digital recorder.
One computer does the Skype thing.
The other computer (or stand alone digital recorder) records tour voice (use headphones with Skype to avoid sound spilling over into your recording mic).

Method 2:
Use a Linux computer with Jack Audio System and route “System” (the microphone) to Audacity and Skype (“splitting” the mic signal to two separate apps). Unfortunately, Windows does not have the routing capabilities to do this.

Method 3:
I don’t know if this works as I’ve never tried it, but it “may” be possible to route the microphone signal as required using “voicemeeter” (donation ware). See: