Record online radio on macbook air

Hi Im new to this forum, but could someone kindly help me to see if i have the correct settings on my macbook air to record online radio. I just can’t seem to get a signal coming in without picking up my surroundings.

Thanks in Advance

picking up my surroundings.

You are recording your built-in microphone. Macs have no natural ability to record themselves. I use the SoundFlower software program to “turn around” the speaker sound and make it available for recording. This can mess up live listening, so using it is a bit of a juggling act.

I think there’s another way to do it as well.


The easiest way probably is Audio Hijack Pro (49$):

The free version can record up to ten minutes.

Jack OSX (free) can do it to, but is more complex to set up than Soundflower.

Thanks very Much all i’ll give some of these a try, it’s so frustrating :imp:

There should be no need to spend money. Soundflower works, even though it is not especially convenient. Recording Computer Playback on Mac OS X.


Also using Soundflower on El Capitan. Select Sound Flower 2ch, not 64ch, if you decide to install it.