Record on Single track when stopping and starting

I’m running Audacity 2 on Windows 7. My recording is mono. I’m recording commentary from a script for a delayed radio broadcast. I frequently make mistakes or cough (or yawn!) and I want to stop, delete the mistake, and then continue on the same track. Is that possible? Otherwise, when I start again, the recording starts in a 2nd track, and then a 3rd and so on. By the time I get done I have so many tracks it is hard to keep track of and very hard to edit. I know about mix and render which combines all the tracks when I’m done but I would like to eliminate that step and just keep recording on one single track. Is that possible? Thanks.

Obviously you should stop making mistakes.

Or you can use Transport > Append Record (Shift-R). The new track will pick up exactly where the old one left off.


Thanks. That was what I was looking for. However, it’s a bit cumbersome to use the keyboard (it’s in a slide out tray under the desk) or to drop down the menu and click. Is there a setting where this can be made the default? I started using Audacity after years of using Cool Edit and I’m overwhelmed with the features in Audacity but I’m also missing the simplicity of Cool Edit. I wished not making mistakes was an option but I’m afraid I’m doomed!

What I normally do is to just press Ctrl+M (then Enter) when I make a mistake, without stopping the recording.
This places a label where the mistake occurred so that I can go back and fix it later.

The shortcut keys can be customised, but you need to be careful as there are so many keyboard shortcuts that it is difficult to avoid conflicts and easy to get into a muddle. Fortunately there is a reset key.

See here for customising keyboard shortcuts.